Promotional Items

A big part of PulpFest 2013’s success was due to its promotional materials, all designed by Chris Kalb. Below you’ll find PDFs of our 2013 logo, the front and back of the promotional post card distributed at book fairs, comic shows, science-fiction conventions, and the like, and our full-page flyer, used to promote our convention at bookstores, comic shops, and other retail establishments. To download any of these files, please click on its image.

 PulpFest 2013 Front

PulpFest 2013 Back

PulpFest 2013 Flyer

Walter M. Baumhofer was the artist responsible for the Doc Savage portrait, used for the front cover of the first issue of Doc Savage Magazine, dated March 1933. The depiction of The Spider was rendered by Raphael De Soto for the November 1941 issue of the Popular Publications pulp. As always, many thanks to Chris Kalb for designing and creating our 2013 PulpFest advertising.

For questions about promoting PulpFest 2013 or about our website, please contact Mike Chomko at Thank you for helping to promote the summer’s great pulp con.