2013 Dealers

Thank you to the following exhibitors who filled our dealers’ room at the Hyatt Regency Columbus with collectible pulp magazines and digests, vintage paperbacks, first edition hardcovers and series books, original art, B-movies and serials, collectible comic books, and more. Many of them will be returning to Columbus for PulpFest 2014. Please support them with your business.

Adventure House/John Gunnison

G-8-33-10John Gunnison will be offering his usual extensive stock of pulp magazines as well as High Adventure, G-8, and the many pulp replicas and collections he has published under the Adventure House banner. For more info, please visit http://adventurehouse.com/.

Adventures in Bronze/Will Murray

Adv. in BronzeThe author of more than fifty books, Will plans to offer copies of all six volumes from his The All-New Wild Adventures of Doc Savage, as well as Writings in Bronze, a collection of his Doc Savage non-fiction. His monumental history of the pulp Western magazines, Wordslingers, debuts at Pulpfest.

Age of Aces/Bill Mann & the Kalb Brothers

RedFalcon_Vol3_cover.inddPublishers of the best-selling The Spider vs. the Empire State, Bill and Chris and David Kalb will have their line of pulp reprints at PulpFest. From Smoke Wade to Captain Philip Strange, look to Age of Aces for the best in pulp fiction. Learn more by visiting Ages of Aces online.

Airship 27/Ron Fortier & Rob Davis

Airship 27Headed by Ron Fortier and Rob Davis, Airship 27 is a leading producer of new pulp fiction. Starring the classic heroes of yesteryear–from The Black Bat and Sherlock Holmes to Ki-Gor and The Green Lama–you’ll find plenty of thrills by visiting their Online Hangar.

Jim and Walter Albert

AlbertThese collecting brothers from Arkansas and Pennsylvania will have pulps, paperbacks, hardcovers, fanzines, and much more at their PulpFest 2013 table. You’re bound to find excellent values on some terrific items from the Albert Boys. So be sure to pay a visit to their table.

Battered Silicon/George Vanderburgh

BSDBGeorge has published over 600 books, including a wide variety of detective fiction and Sherlock Holmes scholarship as well as his Lost Treasures of the Pulps series that reprints many highly regarded pulp classics. His website is at www.batteredbox.com/.

BEB Books/Brian Earl Brown

Thrill Book 1919-03-01Brian will have his line of inexpensive pulp reprints of difficult to find stories from Argosy All-Story Weekly, The Thrill Book, and other rare or very expensive pulp magazines. And as the official editor of PEAPS, the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society, he will also be selling back numbers of the group’s quarterly mailings.

Camille Cazedessus, Jr.

CazedessusAlthough Hugo Award winner Camille Cazedessus will not be able to attend PulpFest 2013, he has asked Mike Chomko, Books to represent him at this year’s convention. Mike will be selling a run of All-Story Weekly from 1916-17 as well as a selection of books and pulps. He’ll also have Pulpdom CD’s for sale.

Mike Chomko, Books

Our 2010 Chomko Munsey winner Mike Chomko will be representing Altus Press at PulpFest 2013. He’ll also be premiering Stark House’s Paperback Confidential: Crime Writers of the Paperback Era. Please visit the Mike Chomko Books website and download a copy of his latest catalog.

Jack Cullers

CullersIf you’re looking for pulps and out-of-print paperbacks, pulp reprints or hardbound fiction and non-fiction, find your way to Jack’s table. He always has a wide variety of such material at reasonable prices. You may just come across something you’ve been questing after for years.

Curious Bookshop/Ray Walsh

Collier's, 04-01-39Ray will be offering a broad array of paper collectibles–pulps, paperbacks, original artwork, collectible hardcovers, vintage comic books, and more. He’ll be bringing it all from East Lansing, Michigan, home to the Curious Book Shop and Classicon for more than forty years.

Dark Star Books/Gary Diedriech

Dark StarA used and new book store that also sells pulps and comic books, located about an hour from Columbus in picturesque Yellow Springs, Ohio, Dark Star will be offering a variety of material including pulps, digests, Big Little Books, and collectible hardcovers and paperbacks.

Dave’s Comic Vault/David White

Dave's Comic VaultLocated in suburban Chicago, Dave has been collecting for nearly forty years and selling since 2006, mostly through ebay. At PulpFest he will have science-fiction pulps as well as some hero and horror. Dave’s Comic Vault will also have fanzines, paperbacks, digests, and pulp reprints.

Dearly Departed Books/S. & L. Edwards

Dearly DepartedLongtime Ohio booksellers Scott and Linda Edwards will have numerous Sax Rohmer hardcovers, including several dust-jacketed and first American & British editions. Their specialty is pulp, paperback, and first edition genre fiction. Learn more by visiting Dearly Departed Books.

Doug Ellis and Deb Fulton

Doug EllisTwo of the founders of the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, Doug and Deb will be offering a wide selection of general fiction, science-fiction and other pulps as well as original art and other collectibles. They’ll also have copies of Pulp Vault #14, the longest pulp fanzine ever published.

Fantasy Publishing/Dick & Norma Enos

Fantasy PubFantasy Publishing will be selling the “new pulp” adventures of Rick Steele, ace trouble buster from the fifties. A former test pilot with a trio of “ace” assistants, Rick will go anywhere in search of adventure. Visit the Dick Enos site on Amazon.com for more info and meet Dick & Norma at PulpFest.

Bob Flowers

Nick Carter 33-03This good-natured collector from Illinois usually has a little bit of everything including pulps, paperbacks, fanzines, and related material. His offerings come from a wide range of genres–hero, detective, adventure, science fiction, and Western. Shop with Bob for variety.

Thomas Gianni

Fists of IronHailing from the Windy City, Tom is a graduate of the American Academy of Art. Employed as a courtroom sketch artist, Gianni has also created dust jackets for the Robert E. Howard Foundation and is currently illustrating The Beasts of Tarzan for Homeworld Press. You can learn more about him by visiting Thomas Gianni Art.

Girasol Collectables

spider1The sponsor of Canada’s annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale, Girasol will be selling pulp magazines, their own line of high-quality pulp replicas, books about pulps, and other related items. To browse their impressive assortment of offerings and learn more about their pulp show, please visit their website at Girasol Collectables.

Martin Grams

GramsA widely published old time radio and television expert, Martin carries a large selection of classic DVDs, along with books and magazines. He’ll also have copies of his bestselling books for sale–The Shadow: The History and Mystery of the Radio Program, his popular culture studies of The Green Hornet and The Twilight Zone, and more.

Jonathan and Larry “Doc” Grubb

GrubbPulpFest welcomes Doc Grubb, a collector since the 1960s, and his son, Jonathan, back for a second go-round. They’ll have many first editions, pulp fanzines, and reprints of various authors, all at great prices. Jonathan and Larry Grubb hail from Maryland. We’re very glad to have them back.

Art Hackathorn

Pete Rice 33-11A specialist in detective and Western pulps, Art will also have some collectible hardcovers and paperbacks at his tables. He’ll also be carrying some digests from the mystery and Western fields. Art is one of the leading dealers in these fiction genres.

Mark Halegua

phantom1This personable dealer from Queens is the founder of the Gotham Pulp Collectors Club. In addition to selling a selection of pulp magazines, Mark will be offering his Pulps 1st CDs featuring thousands of pulp cover images on each disc. He’s also the creator of “new pulp” hero The Red Badge and other new pulp fiction.

Rick Hall

Scouring flea markets and antique shows up and down the East Coast, Rick rescues pulps for the collections of his fellows in the pulp community. From Ace Detective to Zoom and everything in between, you may find the pulp you’ve long been hunting amongst Rick’s “found” pulps.

Heartwood Auctions/Richard & Frieda

Shadow33-08-01With more 25 years experience in vintage pulps, first editions, magazines, paperbacks, and other collectibles, Heartwood Auctions has the largest inventory available for sale. Now featuring the impressive Robert Weinberg collection of rare pulps, digests, paperbacks and related ephemera.

Paul Herman

This Connecticut dealer and collector exhibits at many pulp and paperback conventions. He offers a wide variety of material including pulps, paperbacks, and vintage digests. He is very strong in the mystery and detective fields, turning up many scarce items.

Mark Hickman

HickmanThis Ohio dealer will be offering a variety of science-fiction magazines and hero pulps, as well as comic books and original artwork from pulps, comics, digests, and paperbacks–a little bit of everything. Mark will also be selling copies of The Collected Pulp Era, Volume 1, a book reprinting the early issues of his father’s classic fanzine.

John McMahan

McMahanJohn hails from Oklahoma where he has long been active as a fan and dealer. At PulpFest 2013, he’ll be selling pulps, books, comics, original art, movie posters, and more. He’ll also have copies of Hard-Boiled Christmas Stories, the anthology he edited with John Wooley. John sells paper collectibles on ebay as mybckpages.

Thomas Martin

Coming from western Ohio, Tom will be selling detective, hero, and science-fiction pulps; an extensive selection of crime digests such as Guilty, Off Beat, and Trapped; and a wide assortment of collectible and reader paperbacks, hardcovers, film magazines, and other popular culture material.

Walker Martin

Collecting since the early days of pulp fandom, Walker has owned practically every pulp at least once. A resident of New Jersey, he’ll be selling pulps–including many 1930s issues of Western Story Magazine–original artwork, and one-of-a- kind canceled checks from the files of Munsey and Popular Publications.

Bill Maynard

Dr. Fu Manchu was “…the yellow peril incarnate in one man…” and William Patrick Maynard is the author of the first authorized Fu Manchu thrillers in over twenty years. He will be selling and signing copies of The Terror of Fu Manchu and The Destiny of Fu Manchu, and some pulp-related collectibles.

Meteor House/Michael Croteau

HALFarmerCon celebrates 80 years of Doc Savage with the release of the definitive edition of Philip José Farmer’s Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life and Win Scott Eckert’s The Scarlet Jaguar. Meteor House will also have items from Farmer’s estate sale, the latest Farmer works from Titan Books, plus works by FarmerCon attendees.

Murania Press/Ed Hulse

HulseIn addition to the latest issue of his award-winning fanzine Blood ‘n’ Thunder, Ed will be premiering the new Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction and at least one new volume in his Classic Pulp Reprints series at the convention. He also have his usual smattering of high-grade pulp magazines.

Musa Publishing/Celina Summers

MusaCelina is the editorial director of Musa Publishing, a digital publishing house that is home to the work of early American science-fiction pioneer Homer Eon Flint, best known for his collaboration with Austin Hall, The Blind Spot, originally serialized in Argosy All-Story Weekly in 1921. This will be Celina’s first PulpFest.

Phil & Holly Nelson

Top-Notch 33-05This personable dealer and his daughter, both from Waverly, Ohio, will be armed with a wide variety of pulps, from Argosy and Detective Fiction Weekly to Doc Savage and Planet Stories. He’ll also have paperbacks, comics and other items. He’s a fan of North-West Stories, Top-Notch, and detective fiction.

Craig Poole

A resident of Virginia, Craig has been attending pulp conventions for years. He will have several pieces of vintage original cover art, representing a mix of genres, but with science fiction the main focus. He will have paperback cover art and, perhaps, a few digest or pulp cover paintings.

Laurie Powers

Powers This California resident, creator of the Laurie’s Wild West blog, will be selling copies of Hidden Ghosts–a collection of her grandfather Paul Powers’ pulp fiction that will be debuting at PulpFest–and other books by her grandfather. Laurie is currently writing a biography of Daisy Bacon, editor of Love Story Magazine.

Joseph Saine

SainesA full-time proprietor of an  antique toy shop by day and a mystery mavin by night, Joe does one show a year and PulpFest is it! Hailing from northwest Ohio, among Joe’s treasures will be a fresh harvest of pulps,  Big Little Books, vintage crime and adventure comics, quality paperbacks, and a group of paintings.

Sanctum Books/Anthony Tollin

Doc Savage33-03Our 2011 Munsey Award winner will be selling all of his Sanctum Books pulp reprints–The Avenger, Doc Savage, Nick Carter, The Shadow, The Spider and The Whisperer–six of the greatest pulp heroes in one of the best formats imaginable. He’ll also have preliminary pulp original artwork from George and Jerome Rozen and more!

David Saunders

The creator of the Munsey, pulp art expert David will be selling signed copies of his biographies of pulp artists, including his father, Norman Saunders, and Spicy artist H. J. Ward. Visit David’s website at www.pulpartists.com for brief, illustrated biographies of many pulp artists.

Tom Skemp

SkempSpecializing in horror and science fiction, Tom is a resident of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He will be selling collectible hardcovers and a wide variety of paperbacks as well as some limited and British editions. Check out his table for some chills and thrills and some great finds.

Tim’s Books/Tim Paxton

PaxtonTim Paxton of Grand Rapids, Michigan specializes in paperbacks and small press, first edition hardcovers, dealing mainly in high-grade science fiction, fantasy, and horror as well as mysteries and pulp-related material. Check out the Tim’s Books website at AbeBooks.com.

Barry Traylor

Weird Tales 47-05Although he won’t have a table at the convention, Barry is the “go-to” guy when it comes to the PulpFest auctions. If you have any questions concerning our auctions, please write to barry@pulpfest.com or visit the “Auctions” page under “Programming.” Barry loves Halloween and Weird Tales.

William Trible

Adventure35-01 Please extend a hearty welcome to this first-time PulpFest dealer from Virginia. Bill will be bringing a selection of Adventure Magazine, plus detective and Western pulps, paperbacks, true crime books, and mystery novels. He’s also very strong in American history books, particularly from the 1930s, the pulp hero era.

Randy Vanderbeek

Lone Eagle 33-09A pulp collector for about forty years, Randy is from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She will be bringing hundreds of pulp magazines from all genres for sale or trade. Of course, the more she sells, the more she’ll be able to buy from the many fine dealers who will be attending PulpFest 2013.

Jon Wehler

WhelerThis personable dealer and collector offers pulps, original art, and other paper collectibles. He’ll also have lots of vintage paperbacks from many different genres. Based in Ohio, he exhibits at a variety of book and paper shows throughout the Midwest. And he’s a nice guy.

Chuck Welch

Chuck helps to manage our website and social media outlets like our Twitter account. He’ll be offering information about the social media aspect of Pulpfest–the website and other online methods we use to promote the festival. Check out Chuck’s Hidalgo Trading Company.

White Rocket Books/Van Plexico

White RocketAlong with Airship 27 and Pro Se Press, White Rocket Books is one of the leading publishers of new pulp fiction novels and anthologies. Its publisher, Van Plexico, has worked on over 25 new pulp books as a writer, editor, book designer, or contributor. Please welcome Van to PulpFest.

Plus a number of dealers who asked not to be listed on this page.