Worrell Auction

Weird Tales 53-01On Saturday, August 9th, PulpFest 2014 will be auctioning a selection of books, fanzines, manuscripts, and ephemera from the collection of Everil Worrell, author of nineteen stories for Weird Tales. In addition to Weird Tales, Worrell wrote short fiction for Macfadden’s Ghost Stories and Ray Palmer’s Mystic Magazine and poetry for The Overland Monthly.

PulpFest is pleased to offer twenty-plus lots of collectibles from the Worrell estate,  left to  a small church in Washington, DC after the passing of the author’s only child, Eileen Murphy. St. David’s parish is excited about having PulpFest handle this portion of their former parishioner’s estate, hoping that the items will find their way into the hands of those who would appreciate them most–pulp fiction aficionados!

Below are the lots from the Worrell estate that will be offered during our Saturday Night Auction on August 9, starting at 9:30 PM. Please note that the Worrell lots will be sold following the conclusion of our auction featuring 75 lots of pulp magazines and related items.

2014_07676–Weird Tales Collector #1-6

2014_07777–Post card from Ray Bradbury (1953) + related letter from Everill Worrell

2014_07878–Letter from Ray Bradbury (1953)

2014_07979–Weird Tales Story signed by Bob Weinberg + Weird Tales Collector #1

2014_08080–Manuscript of “Knight of the Broken Sword” (story submitted to If)

2014_08181–Manuscript of “Through Magic Casements” and related letter from Dorothy McIlwraith (story submitted to F&SF)

2014_08282–Weird Tales letter from Dorothy McIlwraith w/envelope

2014_08383–Weird Tales letter from Dorothy McIlwraith w/envelope

2014_08484–Weird Tales letter from Dorothy McIlwraith w/envelope

2014_08585–Weird Tales letter from Dorothy McIlwraith w/envelope

2014_08686–Weird Tales letter from Dorothy McIlwraith w/envelope

2014_08787–Weird Tales letter from Dorothy McIlwraith w/envelope

2014_08888–Two Weird Tales letters from Dorothy McIlwraith w/o envelopes

2014_08989–Manuscript of “The Tea Dance”

2014_09090–Manuscript of “Hearts Must Grow Hard” (SF story)

2014_09191–Manuscript of “Night Should be Black” and related letter from Dorothy McIlwraith

2014_09292–Manuscript of “Believe In Tangibles”

2014_09393–Manuscript of “Beyond The Mutants” (SF story)

2014_09494–Manuscript of “Sea Trail”

2014_09595–Manuscript of “Incantation” (with rejection slip from Coronet magazine)

2014_09696–Manuscript of “Come Back Again”

2014_09797–Lot of miscellaneous ephemera (poetry, musical scores, notebooks, Patent Office journal)

2014_09898–Lot of watercolors and sketches

Weird Tales Books

99–Weird Tales: 32 Unearthed Terrors & Weird Vampire Tales

Detective Tales

100–Detective Tales for June 1923